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 Platform of Investment Solutions

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Kraj Ukraina

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Roman Kushnir

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Investor.org.ua - is your gateway to a world of investment opportunities in Ukraine. More than 4 years we specialize in connecting investors with ukrainian projects seeking funding. Our platform serves as a bridge between visionary entrepreneurs and savvy investors, facilitating the growth of groundbreaking ideas.

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Project Discovery: Looking for investment opportunities . We specialize in scouting and presenting innovative projects across various industries. Grant Implementation: We facilitate the seamless execution of grant projects, ensuring that your contributions make a tangible difference. Community Collaboration: We facilitate partnerships between investors and territorial communities (OTG in Ukraine), promoting sustainable projects that benefit both parties. Operational Management: Optimize your project's performance with our operational management services. From project inception to completion, we provide comprehensive operational support, ensuring efficiency. Business Readiness for Investment: Prepare Ukrainian businesses for successful investments with our tailored programs. We offer training, resources, and strategic guidance to enhance the readiness of businesses seeking investment. By collaborating with us, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Ukrainian business landscape.