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Uployal Loyalty

Branża IT
Kraj Polska

Osoba kontaktowa

Evgeniy Vasylenko

Opis prowadzonej działalności

Development and implementation of loyalty programs with CRM and mobile applications (iOS and Android) for retail, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies and other areas. We integrate into the cash register system and POS terminals, connect all the actions of the buyer at the checkout with the base in the cloud. We provide work even without the Internet. We offer such solutions: - gamification - delivery and booking - online payment in the application - dynamic QR code - cashback - management of promotions and offers - sending push notifications - integration with social networks - online catalog of goods by category with filters - customer news feed - referral recommendation system - customer rank management - receiving feedback after purchase and managing them - purchase history - registration of purchases and self-delivery in the application of the buyer - dashboards with online sales dynamics - rfm analysis and cohort analysis - fraud protection

Opis zakresu możliwej współpracy

We are looking for small medium-sized chains of stores in retail trade, chains of restaurants and cafes